(Even if you have no idea how to create a high-converting lead magnet!)


How Does The Perfect Lead Magnet Package Help Build an Effective 
Content Marketing Funnel?

The Perfect Lead Magnet Package creates CONTENT for your target audience to consume. 

The package includes:

• Expert strategy for an amazing lead magnet
• Creation of a gorgeous, high-quality freebie
• Free content that educates and wows your audience

Having an amazing lead magnet is crucial for growing your audience. You can't put just anything out there to help you grow your list — it needs to be something that really blows their minds and starts to prime them for the sale.
The Perfect Lead Magnet Package generates OPT-INS and grows your email list.

The package includes:

• Creation of an amazing lead magnet that will peak interest
• Design of a beautiful opt-in landing page
• Expert high-converting copy for your opt-in landing page

You could have the best lead magnet in the world, but without a high-converting opt-in landing page, you won't be able to build your audience and you'll lose out on so many leads. This package includes the creation of your amazing lead magnet PLUS a landing page that will convert like woah.

How Does This Help Me Make Sales?

While a lead magnet's goal by itself is not to make sales, it's an extremely important part of the process! An amazing lead magnet allows you to build your list. We recommend promoting it on your social media channels, in blog posts, and you could also run paid ads! Once your audience is on your email list, you can nurture and sell to them with email marketing.

This package works great in conjunction with our other packages, especially:


One-time fee
  • 30-Minute Plan of Attack Call
  • Expert Lead Magnet Strategy + Planning
  • Lead Magnet Content Creation
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Landing Page Sales Copywriting
  • Landing Page Creation + Design 
  • Thank You Page Setup w/ Copywriting + Design
  • Integration With Your Email Service Provider
  • Delivery Email Setup
  • 1 Opt-In Graphic Design + Addition to Your Blog Posts
  • 3 Square Social Media Promo Graphics
  • 3 Versions of Promotional Social Media Copy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create the entire lead magnet from start to finish?
Yes! If you have ideas for what you want the content of the lead magnet to be, we can chat about that during our Plan of Attack call. You can have as much or as little input over the creation of the lead magnet as you want. But if you want to be totally hands-off and have this completely done-for-you — we can do that!
What types of lead magnets do you create?
This package includes creation of one lead magnet, and depending on our Plan of Attack call and the custom lead magnet strategy I build out for you based on your specific business and goals, it will be one of these types:

• PDF Guide 
• Quiz
• Free Strategy Call
• Template/Calculator/Infographic
What platforms do you work with?
For building the landing pages, we work with: WordPress, ClickFunnels, InstaPage, and LeadPages. (Note: We do not work with Divi.)

For the email serving provider, we'll work with anything!

You do need to have both a landing page software and an email software in order for us to work with you.
How do I make sure the content is on-brand?
One of the things that you'll do right when we start working together is fill out a questionnaire that asks for some important information that will help us get a sense of your brand, style, and messaging. We use this as the foundation for everything we do when working with you. We also include several checkpoints during the content creation process, so that you have the opportunity to make any changes or request revisions.
What is an opt-in graphic?
You can see an example of a blog post that utilizes opt-in graphics here (the lead magnet this post is promoting is the "Build Your Biz Bootcamp"). The opt-in graphic is basically a horizontal image that you include inside of your blog post to promote your lead magnet. The graphic links to the opt-in landing page. It helps increase conversions to promote it this way!
Who on the team will I be working with?
Your main point of contact will be me, Miranda! Although you won't be talking with them directly, we also have a whole team of people who will be actually working on this project, including a copywriter, graphic designer, and tech manager. We do it this way so that everything we do for you is being completed by someone who is an expert in their specific area so that the end result is of the highest quality.
How long does this take?
If we receive all of the information and approvals from you in a timely manner, the entire process will be completed in 4 weeks.
What does this package NOT include?
I like to be really upfront about what's included in my offerings and what's not. Here are some things that are not included:

• Promotion of your lead magnet (besides adding it to your blog posts). You'll need to do this yourself, or your can hire us to do it for you with a different package, like our Perfect Pinterest Package!
• Adding your lead magnet to your website (besides blog posts) — like your sidebar, homepage, sales pages, etc.
• Long-term management of your lead magnet. After the 4 weeks is up, the service is complete.
• A fancy or strategy delivery email. The delivery email includes a paragraph of text and a button to access the lead magnet. If you'd like a more robust delivery email, I highly recommend checking out our Welcome, Nurture, Sales Sequence package, which includes an entire email marketing strategy that comes after someone opts-in to your list.
• More than 1 call with you. We meet once at the beginning and then the rest of our communication will be over email.
• Quick response time. Because your package is not time-sensitive, you can expect all correspondence to be responded to within 72 hours.
• Full-scale funnel strategy. I definitely will help develop a strategy for the lead magnet that fits into your current funnel and/or offerings, but it does not include a lead magnet promotional strategy or any strategy for what happens after someone joins your list. If you're looking for a full-scale funnel, please send me an email and we can discuss a custom sales funnel!
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